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Negative self-talk - Could you be a culprit?

I'm learning that a common thread in people who do not succeed is an unhealthy amount of negative self -talk in their lives. This is a very important thing to note and pay attention to because unfortunately you'll see how you could be the biggest obstacle standing in your own way. The conscious and subconscious conversations we have with ourselves is critical. We must continue to speak highly of ourselves and speak victory in our future. So, raise your hand if you have ever said any of these things to yourself....

"Its just no use"

"Thats just my luck"

"I'm just not creative"

"I just don't have the patience for that"

"Nobody likes me"

"I'm just no good at math"

"Nobody wants to pay me what I'm worth"

These are a few examples and I've said a few of these a couple different times. We need to be careful because our subconscious is twice the conversation then our conscious ones. Try and write down negative things you think or say during the day. Once you identify them, write affirmations that challenge the negative and make it positive. You can create the future you want...


God Bless

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