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It's my birthday

Well another amazing year behind me and a lot has happened. I figure pretty soon they will be asking me to pass on some wisdom to the younger generations. Lol... I thought I was still young, in reality I am still fairly young of age and have some years in front of me, but its gone by fast. I have had so many great memories with family and friends and I can't wait to make more... God is so good! Over these years, I've been able to travel and see a lot and meet many different types of people. I hope the journey is not close to being done but I do have some lessons I'd love to pass on if anyones paying attention. 

1. If you find true love, cherish it and don't play with anyone'e emotions.

2. Take every opportunity seriously, and give it your all. You never know which door will lead you the farthest.

3. If you have heartache from misfortune, or someone doing you wrong, release that negative energy as soon as possible. Don't hold on to negative emotions because it eats at your heart and soul.

4. Be generous and look for ways to always give. (I remember my brother Nate gave his shoes off his feet to a young brother in South Africa when the rest of us were walking back to the bus, didn't even come to my head as a thought. I wonder how many things we miss?)

5. Love with all your heart and allow God to show you how to do that.

Those are a few things that I hope will get to the ears of the young. I know they need help and guidance with all the confusion media presents. Let's keep trying y'all... God will continue to do great things! 


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