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Give praise

With the common theme of Thanksgiving, we should have the heart of giving thanks for all that is around us and in our lives. Praising our Savior is something we need to be doing each and everyday of our lives. Whether we feel like a million bucks or feel left out and abandoned. Giving our Lord praise is an essential part of recognizing where life comes from and how lucky we are to be living. I don't praise enough and its a personal challenge to get my head out of my butt sometimes and reach up to the sky and give praise. I remember one time in my life, I got in some serious trouble and I didn't know where to turn. I felt like I didn't have many options and my world was being turned upside down. Out of no where the thought of giving praise to our God came to me and I started to sing songs of praise that had been instilled in me from a young age! And I mean screaming the praises... and I believe God heard me and fixed all of my issues at the time. I belief sometimes God is waiting to see if we remember that He is the source of our answers and power. If we can just get in the habit of praising His name more often, who knows how our lives might be changed. I try to listen to a mixture of Christian hip-hop and praise songs in the car because it tricks you into praise sometimes... You should try it. God Bless.

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