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45th President

We have a new president and his name is Donald Trump. How do we process this fact? How does someone get into office with no political experience and a huge mouth? Well... it has happened folks and I can remember when everyone was laughing at the thought. It's ok though because I believe Donald will try his best at the role of President of the United States. I think he has a great mindset around wealth building and maybe even negotiations. Who knows, he just might make some big things happen. I'm not going to worry! I'm not going to fret! I'm going to pray! Pray for President Trump but also pray for the soul of this nation. We are at war amongst each other and no one seems to recognize their contribution. I hope and pray that God will heal this nation with his mighty sword. We need some people who are hell bend on destroying this nation to be tarnished. We need love to bring everyone together and we need time to heal. Let's be civilized in our approach and remember to think about the consequences of our actions before we take them. As a people we need to mend our families and right our wrongs. If you personally have a grudge for another person or there is some bad blood somewhere in your life, take this time to fix it. At least forgive that person or situation, because literally we don't know what might come next. Be prepared and be a solution. Let's figure out how to unite instead of divide. It's the easiest thing to go with what you know and who you're most comfortable with but to step over the line and make new friends is a lot harder. Do what's hard now, so you can easily walk through the gates of Heaven. God Bless

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