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Negative self-talk - Could you be a culprit?

I'm learning that a common thread in people who do not succeed is an unhealthy amount of negative self -talk in their lives. This is a very important thing to note and pay attention to because unfortunately you'll see how you could be the biggest obstacle standing in your own way. The conscious and subconscious conversations we have with ourselves is critical. We must continue to speak highly of ourselves and speak victory in our future. So, raise your hand if you have ever said any of these things to yourself....

"Its just no use"

"Thats just my luck"

"I'm just not creative"

"I just don't have the patience for that"

"Nobody likes me"

"I'm just no good at math"

"Nobody wants to pay me what I'm worth"

These are a few examples and I've said a few of these a couple different times. We need to be careful because our subconscious is twice the conversation then our conscious ones. Try and write down negative things you think or say during the day. Once you identify them, write affirmations that challenge the negative and make it positive. You can create the future you want...


God Bless

45th President

We have a new president and his name is Donald Trump. How do we process this fact? How does someone get into office with no political experience and a huge mouth? Well... it has happened folks and I can remember when everyone was laughing at the thought. It's ok though because I believe Donald will try his best at the role of President of the United States. I think he has a great mindset around wealth building and maybe even negotiations. Who knows, he just might make some big things happen. I'm not going to worry! I'm not going to fret! I'm going to pray! Pray for President Trump but also pray for the soul of this nation. We are at war amongst each other and no one seems to recognize their contribution. I hope and pray that God will heal this nation with his mighty sword. We need some people who are hell bend on destroying this nation to be tarnished. We need love to bring everyone together and we need time to heal. Let's be civilized in our approach and remember to think about the consequences of our actions before we take them. As a people we need to mend our families and right our wrongs. If you personally have a grudge for another person or there is some bad blood somewhere in your life, take this time to fix it. At least forgive that person or situation, because literally we don't know what might come next. Be prepared and be a solution. Let's figure out how to unite instead of divide. It's the easiest thing to go with what you know and who you're most comfortable with but to step over the line and make new friends is a lot harder. Do what's hard now, so you can easily walk through the gates of Heaven. God Bless

It's my birthday

Well another amazing year behind me and a lot has happened. I figure pretty soon they will be asking me to pass on some wisdom to the younger generations. Lol... I thought I was still young, in reality I am still fairly young of age and have some years in front of me, but its gone by fast. I have had so many great memories with family and friends and I can't wait to make more... God is so good! Over these years, I've been able to travel and see a lot and meet many different types of people. I hope the journey is not close to being done but I do have some lessons I'd love to pass on if anyones paying attention. 

1. If you find true love, cherish it and don't play with anyone'e emotions.

2. Take every opportunity seriously, and give it your all. You never know which door will lead you the farthest.

3. If you have heartache from misfortune, or someone doing you wrong, release that negative energy as soon as possible. Don't hold on to negative emotions because it eats at your heart and soul.

4. Be generous and look for ways to always give. (I remember my brother Nate gave his shoes off his feet to a young brother in South Africa when the rest of us were walking back to the bus, didn't even come to my head as a thought. I wonder how many things we miss?)

5. Love with all your heart and allow God to show you how to do that.

Those are a few things that I hope will get to the ears of the young. I know they need help and guidance with all the confusion media presents. Let's keep trying y'all... God will continue to do great things! 


1st snow of the season

Here comes the reason for the season! Or actually I should say the reason for everything we love and value in life! I can't wait to sit around with family around the fireplace and watch football, or basketball, or the usual netflix movie. With all of the craziness of life, this season is needed for all. Love is the center and we all need to be reminded of what our purpose in life is.. In the scripture today, Psalms 37:4, "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Many of us think of gifts and what would be the ultimate  gift we would like to receive, but that can take away from what God can do in our life during this season. Let's focus on Him and trying to build a closer relationship so He can identify areas of our life where He can bless us with gifts. God sees what we can't so don't allow your focus to limit your growth during this season. God Bless

Give praise

With the common theme of Thanksgiving, we should have the heart of giving thanks for all that is around us and in our lives. Praising our Savior is something we need to be doing each and everyday of our lives. Whether we feel like a million bucks or feel left out and abandoned. Giving our Lord praise is an essential part of recognizing where life comes from and how lucky we are to be living. I don't praise enough and its a personal challenge to get my head out of my butt sometimes and reach up to the sky and give praise. I remember one time in my life, I got in some serious trouble and I didn't know where to turn. I felt like I didn't have many options and my world was being turned upside down. Out of no where the thought of giving praise to our God came to me and I started to sing songs of praise that had been instilled in me from a young age! And I mean screaming the praises... and I believe God heard me and fixed all of my issues at the time. I belief sometimes God is waiting to see if we remember that He is the source of our answers and power. If we can just get in the habit of praising His name more often, who knows how our lives might be changed. I try to listen to a mixture of Christian hip-hop and praise songs in the car because it tricks you into praise sometimes... You should try it. God Bless.

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